I Can Excel (ICE) After School Program

Day Camps

Community Workshops


Figure Skating in Detroit provides girls, ages 6-15 with vital educational and skating opportunities that promote confidence, leadership, physical well-being and academic excellence year-round. Our three programs, I Can Excel (ICE), Day Camps and Community Workshops provide slots for more than 300 students annually and gives our girls the opportunity to appear in public on-ice performances throughout the year.

All of our students make a commitment that they will aim for an ‘A’ average or higher in school. Students remain in good standing with a ‘B’ average and require additional support with a ‘C’ average. Figure Skating in Detroit helps each girl improve her academic skills, become a competent figure skater, and grow into a self-confident, resourceful, and determined young woman.

Our philosophy is simple, when our girls are told they can achieve anything they put their minds to, and are given the tools to do it, they not only believe they can, they do! This is how you build champions in life.


Lori Ward



Our curriculum focuses on our students needs by incorporating multiple learning styles and high interest literature.

Knowledge & Skills Based Learning:

Lessons are age appropriate, focus on core competencies, and develop students listening and comprehension skills.

Activity Rich:

Whenever possible, activity based learning makes our lessons come alive.

Time to Write:

Our students are guided and given quality time to craft written work in every class.

Embedded Assessments:

Lessons are designed with learning assessments in mind so that teachers can accurately track student progress.

Our program model has earned awards from the United States Olympic Committee, Beyond Sport, the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, CNN Heroes and more!