Taking the Ice: Ariel Moore

11.20.2017 / Education, Leadership, Skating

“I have learned that I am brave, beautiful, and confident just like Oprah!” – Ariel Moore

Figure Skating In Detroit continues to build a foundation on ice as 54 girls have enrolled into the I Can Excel program as they gain skills and knowledge on becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

The I Can Excel program continues to focus on projects and workshops that promote leadership, sisterhood and community; career/entrepreneurship sessions. But it doesn’t stop there as the girls are also involved in dance, health and nutrition workshops and daily on-ice instruction along with STEM and tutoring sessions.

Ariel Moore, an 11 year-old student from Advanced Technology Academy shared her aspirations of becoming a TV Personality and believes that Figure Skating In Detroit has helped build her confidence into making her dream into a reality.

“I like Figure Skating In Detroit because I’ve made a lot of friends and I just get to be myself…I have learned that I am brave, beautiful, and confident just like Oprah,” said Ariel.

But Ariel’s dreams doesn’t end there, as she went into detail about her hopes of attending Yale University where she will be given the opportunity to meet people of different cultures while furthering her education.

“When I go to Yale, I want to learn how to speak other languages especially French!”, said Ariel.

Ariel Moore and Kyndall Martin during their duet for the summer camp on ice show exhibition.

Throughout the summer,  Ariel attended the Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open summer camp as she participated in similar activities to the I Can Excel program and was able to display career/entrepreneurship and self esteem projects she completed throughout the one week summer camp.

Ariel shared how she was so excited for her family and friends to see her ice skate during a live performance along with the other campers.

“During the ice performance for camp I was able to do a duet with my friend Kyndall. That was my favorite part of the show.” said Ariel.

Ariel smiles big while making her dream board during the self-esteem session.

When asked, what is the biggest thing she has learned from Figure Skating In Detroit, Ariel responded to say “I’ve learned it doesn’t matter what skin color you are you should never be scared to be yourself.”

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